Neighborhood Restrictions for Investors

    There are many great opportunities to invest in real estate in the Brazos Valley, but before you buy make sure you are aware of any restrictions you may run into.

    For example, both Bryan and College Station have areas from single streets to whole neighborhoods that restrict the number of unrelated renters allowed in a property.  These restrictions can limit, for example, no more than two unrelated people to a property.  Can you imagine buying a four bedroom home thinking you will be able to rent to 4 people and find out you can’t after the purchase?

    There are ways to research restrictions prior to making an offer:

    • Bryan – The city of Bryan has a useful color coded map that breaks out zoning districts.  You can search a particular address to see how it is zoned.  Simply go to: – Government Tab – GIS Mapping Services – Planning and Zoning, the legend drop down is in the upper right corner.  Restricted neighborhoods are shaded light yellow with hash marks labeled RESIDENTIAL – NEIGHBORHOOD CONSERVATION DISTRICT (R-NC).
    • College Station – deed restrictions are set by each neighborhoods HOA.  There is not a consolidated map or document with these restrictions.  Search for the particular neighborhoods by-laws and restrictions.

    The experts at The Shellenberger Team can walk you through the advantages/disadvantages of owning investment property in the Brazos Valley and help you from search to purchase.